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Ferrari’s engine investigation and their agreement with FIA still haven’t been put to bed. FIA’s president spoke to about the FIA-FERRARI agreement that was released on the last of the 2020 pre-season testing to clarify the situation and put an end to the speculations.

During the interview, Jean Todt said “I would love to give details of our agreement, but Ferrari opposed.” Todt added “They [Ferrari] have been sanctioned, but we [FIA] can’t give details of the sanction”.

Todt clarified that FIA wants to be transparent about the agreement and gives clarification for the grid teams that opposed the agreement with a joint letter. However, their hands are tied as this agreement is between two parties and in order to release the details of this agreement you need authorization from both parties.

Jean highlighted that FIA’s technicians said “We cannot for sure demonstrate as much as we should that they [Ferrari] were not legal”. Meaning that FIA actually couldn’t prove if Ferrari were actually cheating. Todt added that he responded to the seven teams’ letter that expressed their disappointment and requested further clarification, that resulted in Mercedes backing down of the opposition. The six other teams replied to Todt’s letter by stating that they understand FIA’s position in the situation but they are not happy with FIA’s position. Also, they would love Ferrari to allow visibility in the case.

That being said, Ferrari managed to end the investigation of the opposing teams by simply refusing to release the details of the agreement and taking pressure of FIA at the same time. Which brings back a theory we discussed previously ” FIA & FERRARI: A CONSPIRACY? 

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