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Totem Automobili, an Italian company that specializes in reviving vintage cars, has converted a classic Giulia GT into a fully electric car and it looks amazing.

Totem gave the Giulia a carbon fiber body, an electric powertrain and they redesigned the car to make it more aerodynamic, lower center of gravity, and a bit modern. It has a power output of 518 horsepower, a maximum torque of 980 Nm, and can reach 0-62 mph in a mere 3.4s!

The 50.4-kilowatt-hour battery built into the floor will charge the 22-kilowatt-hour charger in just over two hours, with a range of around 360 Km (223 Miles). Its maximum speed is 240 km/h (150mph)

This beast has a modern interior including digital dials, Bluetooth infotainment system, AC, keyless entry, Navigation, and power windows. In addition, Totem will tailor the seats as per the purchaser’s physique. Moreover, it is fit with the McFly sound and vibration emulation system to replicate the sound of the original classic petrol engine Giulia of the 70s. How cool is that?!

Only 20 of these beauties will be built, so if you are interested in one then hurry up.

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