Lewis Hamilton’s 2020

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2020 has been a tough year so far, mainly because of its the year when a plague a.k.a Covid-19 spread across the globe. However, some people managed to thrive during such a difficult a year. One in particular is Lewis Hamilton, so here is Lewis Hamilton’s 2020 so far.

Formula One Achievements:

Lewis Hamilton managed to break three valuable records in F1 this season. The Brit broke Michael Schumacher’s record of most wins with the same team. Schumacher won 72 races in red while Hamilton won a total of 74 races and counting with Mercedes. In addition, Lewis broke also Schumacher’s record of most wins in F1. Michael had 91 wins in Formula One while Lewis managed 95 wins so far.

Moreover, Lewis managed this year to equal Schumacher’s record of most F1 championship titles of 7 each. He is set to break that record next season if Mercedes continues to dominate the sport.

Social Awards & Recognitions:

Lewis Hamilton has been awarded the Joint-Laureus World Sportsman of the year.

Lewis Hamilton won the BBC Sports Personality of The Year #SPOTY2020

Lewis Hamilton has been named British GQ Game Changer of The Year

Lewis Hamilton has been name GQ India International Man of The Year

Social Responsibility:

For Lewis Hamilton, this is probably his biggest achievement of the year. He has been a beak of awareness since the beginning of the season. He managed to shed light on social issues such as the BLM movement, injustice, and environmental issues. Lewis convinced Formula One to follow pursuit by creating a program that will allow more diversity in the sport. In addition, Lewis assisted in creating the diversity message that featured all current F1 drivers and was played ahead of each race during the 2020 season.

Health & Safety:

On top of his achievements, Lewis managed to contract Covid-19 and beat it in 10 days. It’s unfortunate that he contracted this disease in the first place, but also incredible that he managed to beat it in a short period of time. We are glad that he is healthy and well.

So this is Lewis Hamilton’s 2020 so far. We feel like somehow he will end up winning the Ballon D’or as well. What do you think about Lewis’ achievements this year and how was your 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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