Hamilton’s Championships Were More Competitive Than Schumacher’s: Here Is Why

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Despite the difficulty in comparing Hamilton & Schumacher’s success in Formula One. Many fans still insist on naming one as better than the other. We noticed that over at the comments section on our YouTube channel. So, we decided to look at the numbers and stats trying to figure out if it’s even possible. It is not. However, we were able to deduce which of the two legends had it more difficult than the other. And turns out that Hamilton’s championships are more completive than those of Schumacher’s. Here is how & why.

How We Got To This Conclusion:

We rolled our sleeves and surfed the internet looking for the final drivers’ standings in every championship won by Michael and Hamilton. Despite the pointing system was different back then compared to how it is now, we calculated the points difference percentage with respect to the corresponding champion for the top 5 drivers. Meaning we calculated the percentage of points that Schumacher and Hamilton scored more than the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th driver in each title-winning championship.

Schumacher’s Numbers:

Hamilton and Schumcher

The table above shows the points difference percentage with respect to Michael Schumacher during his championship-winning years.

Looking at the year 1994, Michael’s first championship, Schumacher scored 1.09% more points than the second-place finisher in the championship. 55.44% more points than the third-place finisher. On average, Michael scored 50.55% more points than the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place finishers during that year. So, looking at all his championship years’ percentage average we can realize that Michael’s most competitive year was 2003 when he scored only 20.43% more points than each of the top 5 drivers on that year.

On the other hand, 2002 was his least competitive year as he scored on average 63.54% more points than the top 5 drivers. So, if we want to look at the average of his 7 championships, Schumacher scored 52.871% more points than the top 5 drivers in each of the 7 years.

Hamilton’s Numbers:

Hamilton and Schumcher

Now looking at Hamilton’s stats, we can see that Lewis’ least competitive season was actually last year’s. In 2020, Lewis scored on average 50.94% more points than the top 5 drivers in the championship. While his most competitive season was 2008, on average he scored 21.43% more points than the top 5 drivers that year. So, the average of his 7 championships is only 35.913%.

Thus, when we compare Michael’s 52.871% and Hamilton’s 35.913% we can realize that Hamilton’s championships were more competitive on average than those of Schumacher’s as the difference of points scored between him and the top 5 drivers on average is less than the points difference scored by Michael.

In conclusion, looking at the numbers we can definitely say Hamilton’s championships are more competitive than Schumacher’s. However, this result still doesn’t prove that either driver is better than the other, it just shows who had more competition to get his titles. So, what do you think about this result? Share your thoughts in the comments below so we can discuss them.

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