Who Is Alessandro Zanardi?

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Alex is definitely one of the most iconic Motorsports figures, his sheer determination and fighting spirit make him one of the all-time legends.

Zanardi started his Motorsports career in 1988 in F3 and in 1991 he moved up to F3000 where he finished second in the championship. His magnificent results caught the eye of Eddie Jordan, which started Zanardi’s Formula 1 career at Jordan in 1991.

In 1993, during a practice session at SPA, Alex had a disastrous accident but lucking he remained alive. He suffered from a concussion but returned back to racing in 1994 which was his last race in F1 until 1998.

Alex Zanardi Crash at Spa in 1993

In 1995, Alex made a move to CART racing in the United States with Chip Ganassi Racing. He immediately hit the ground running, finishing 3rd in the championship in his first season and was named Rookie of The Year. After a successful career in CART, Alex caught Frank Williams attention and was asked to race for them in 1998 but after a very difficult season, his contract was terminated and returned to CART.

Alex Zanardi Racing for Williams F1 team.

On September 15, 2001, Alex had a horrific accident during a CART race. He lost control of his car after exiting the pits then spun on the track. Which caused Alex Tagliani to T-Bone Zanardi. This accident caused Zanardi to lose both of his legs. He was then fitted with two prosthetic limbs which he wasn’t satisfied with. So, he designed and built his own limbs that suit motor racing.

Alex Zanardi horrible crash during a CART race in 2001.

In 2004 he was back behind a racing car wheel then signed for BMW Italy-Spain European touring car championship where he had plenty of success in cars that are modified to suit his conditions.

Alex Zanardi back to racing with BMW after recovering from a horrible crash in 2001.

Finally, Alex decided to compete in the Paralympics where he was successful again. He collected 5 gold and 2 silver medals over the course of two Paralympics. He also competed in para-cycling championships where he collected 12 gold medals, 5 silvers, and 1 bronze.

Alex Zanardi competing & winning at the Paralympics for Italy.


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