Albon’s F1 Career Might Not Be Over Yet, Here Is Why

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On December 18, 2020, Red Bull Racing announced signing Sergio Perez to drive for the bulls in 2021. Thus, dropping Alex Albon to a reserve/test driver. Albon was struggling to tame the RB16 all season long. His results weren’t helping Red Bull in mounting a proper title challenge. So, dropping him was the right decision for the team.

Earlier today, DTM announced that Alex Albon will be racing in DTM in 2021 with backing from Red Bull Racing. Albon will be racing when he is free of an F1 related tasks. Thus, giving him an opportunity to sharpen his racing skills. After the announcement, many believed that his Formula One career might be over. But here is why Albon’s F1 career might not be over yet.

Despite his situation seems like Red Bull is gently putting Albon down and out of their future plans, we believe that he still has a chance to race in F1 again.

Reasons Why Albon’s Career Might Not Be Over Yet:

For starters, to be honest a comeback to Red Bull is probably difficult for Albon mainly because of Sergio Perez & Max Verstappen. Although, we haven’t seen Sergio in the RB17 yet, but its quite certain that he will be on top of his game and tame the bull once he gets the chance. That’s due to his great racing skills and immense F1 experience. However, a seat for Albon in the AlphaTauri is still possible.

Japan’s Yuki Tsunoda is set to drive for AlphaTauri in 2021 next to Pierre Gasly. But that doesn’t mean he is staying in that seat in 2022. Yuki is still a rookie and has a huge learning curve to master in 2021. Despite his undoubted talent, he is going against Pierre who proved to be a Master of the Alpha. Thus, a partnership between Alex Albon & Pierre Gasly in 2022 is very possible. With Yuki taking the role of reserve/test driver.

On the other hand, in case Albon doesn’t get a seat in the AlphaTauri in 2022. He will definitely have options outside the Red Bull academy. Options including Williams as George Russel might be a Mercedes driver at the time. Or he might have a drive in the Alfa Romeo in case Kimi decides to retire by the end of 2021.

Dropping Albon to a reserve driver and racing in DTM this season, doesn’t mean his F1 career is over. it might just mean a better future in F1. As we all know, F1’s silly season is always full of surprise. So, seeing Albon again in F1 is not a far fetched idea.

What do you think? Do you agree that Albon’s F1 career might not be over yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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